Blog 16 – New Music: April 2015
April 16th, 2015

Hippo Campus

A few people mentioned this band to me back in January. Since then I’ve fallen in love with their track ‘Suicide Saturday’. They’ve already performed on the Conan show in America, and are currently on a huge US tour. No dates in the U.K as yet, but it can’t be long. Keep an eye out. Great for fans of Vampire Weekend and The Drums.

Their ‘Beautiful Creatures’ EP is out now.



Nashville. A great TV show sure. But also a city rich in musical history. It’s a pilgrimage point for anyone who’s heart has fluttered at the sound of music.

And it is from this musical metropolis that Coin were born. They release their debut album in June.

Check out ‘Run’ to see what all the fuss is about.

Elliot Moss

His music has been called “dark and moody”. There’s a of touch of the James Blakes about him. He’s just come off tour with Cold War Kids and he’s set to play Bon Iver’s festival later this year. Spin Magazine just tipped him as one of their favourite 5 new artists. How much more kudos d’ya want?

‘Best Light’ has one of the best kicks i’ve heard in ages!