Blog 18 – New Music: June 2015
June 28th, 2015


I haven’t mentioned producers/electronic artists in these blogs before, so I thought it was about time we did something about that…with someone I know nothing about. Apart from he’s from Sydney. Home of the brunch, and the best coffee in the world. Excuse my use of the next adjective. This is just…well…luscious. I know. I KNOW. Pure lush deep house.

In Heaven

In Heaven are a band that A&Rs in the music industry got very excited about. REALLY QUICKLY. Which is often a good sign to avoid. Irrational thinking and hysteria makes the real situation around a band very noisy. But here’s their first single. Balls out scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a kick in the face. And I want more. They’re on tour this October, all over the UK, with Vant and The Big Moon.

Pleasure Beach

Let me start with some honesty. The first time the track kicked in – I thought it was Future Islands.  They are, however, a Belfast based 5 piece. Their dreamy synths and driving drums really hooked me in. I quickly got excited as the song thundered on. At one point I stood up and shouted ‘”The new Arcade Fire”, at no one. (I was sat by myself in a cold studio.) It’s nice to hear something sound so big. Wanky word alert incoming. Sonically, there’s loads going on. And yet they’ve still got so much to give, because they’re only just getting started…