December 20th, 2017

Jade Bird

In the modern vernacular, this girl’s voice is EVERYTHING. Jade was a fellow military brat, schlepping around the world like the the littlest hobo. She moved to London at 16 to make a career out of music, and 4 years later she’s finally starting to get some recognition. File next to Laura Marling and First Aid Kit.


I really don’t know a lot about this lot other than that they’re a 4 piece from Canada. I just thought this was a really nice tune when i first heard it, and find myself wondering when i’m gonna hear more. Or see them live. Which is always a good sign.

Billie Eilish

Strong name game going on here. A fellow O’Connell. Not related for all the transparency fans. She’s a 16 year old girl from LA who began making music with her brother a few years ago. Being the right age to be on the path to pop stardom is one thing, but also making catchy little bangers is another. Eilish is a social media over sharer, definitely worth keeping an eye on. Did I mention her middle name was Pirate? Arrrrrrrr. Shiver me timbers.


I love Skandi pop. They’ve always made some of the best tunes. I almost included Sigrid earlier in the year for part 1 of this blog, but had’t heard this at that point. Already looking like one of the first big pop songs of 2018, this Norwegian had to go on the list for this track alone. She’s also the BBC Sound Poll winner which in theory should be a great indicator of trajectory, but is becoming a little unpredictable. ‘Strangers’ is a TUNE.

Lil Xan

There has been a shift in the last few years to the idea of rockstar rap. Post Malone being the first big success story of this fusion genre. Think Kurt Cobain on trap snares. Lil Xan currently has a name issue though. The glorification of Xanax has all of a sudden become uncool, as millions of young people around the world are getting xaned off their nut on pills they’ve bought online. (Xanax is a prescription only med) So Lil Xan has decided his new name post re-brand will be ‘Diego’, his actual name. Although at the time of writing, the rebrand has been put on the back burner *shruggy emoji face* He has smashed 2017!

Greta Van Fleet

I’ve been accused of not supporting real rock this year \m/ So how about this? Greta Van Fleet could not be more Led Zepp if they tried. They got together in 2012, and these boys from Michigan are lining up a big 2018 with tours & a big Spotify session already in the diary. Viva La Rock!