October 15th, 2016

It’s almost that time of year again, where thin slivers of facial fuzz appear on the top lip of men around the world. For many years, it was hard to tell whether or not this was just a bold fashion statement made by the young trendies of Shoreditch, Silverlake and Brooklyn. However, with the rising popularity of a November tash, it’s become quite clear that anyone growing a mo pre-xmas, is probably doing it to raise awareness of MOVEMBER. It’s the only global campaign that aims to raise awareness around the issues that cause young men to die too young. From Cancer, to mental health, their aim is simple: STOP MEN DYING YOUNG. And you don’t have to grow a mo to get involved. Organise an event, put on a party, do anything that helps get the message out there. Dan will be getting involved in physical challenges and DJ sets throughout Movember 2016. Check out their site for more info: