Blog 36 – New Music: June 2016
June 25th, 2016

Junior Empire

The artists formerly known as The Mispers. This band from London spent some time living in LA(don’t they all). This is, however, not just a rite of passage, but an important part of every band’s exposure to the seductive ‘West Coast’. It’s beauty, freedom and inspirational spirit has been captured over the decades by musicians and wordsmiths alike. Who knows why it’s so magical and important? It just is.

Maggie Rogers

Pharrel comes to your uni does he? Gives you feedback on your music and songwriting does he? Not at mine he didn’t. I went to Leeds Met. So it is unsurprising the only visit we got was from Jimmy Saville. True story. Pharrel’s feedback video of ‘Alaska’ by Maggie Rogers has become an internet hit this month. His idea of what vision and artistry is, has been captured in this one song he says. Do you agree?


Here’s an East London 3 piece who met at a party. Of course they did, you cry. We’ve all had grand plans for world domination over a bottle of vodka and 20 fags in someone’s kitchen. The difference is they’ve actually done something about it. One for the synthy/electro fans. ‘Diseasy’ is their second single and it’s out now. And if you’re around East London, they play Birthdays on June 29th.