Blog 43 – New Music: November 2016
November 26th, 2016

Stefflon Don

There’s been loads of chat this year about the new “Queen of Grime”. I’m not sure you’re a queen before you serve your time as a princess, but hey, that’s the hype machine for ya. How you pronounce her name is also up for debate. And the stories. Sacking managers, studio nightmares…all before she’s even got going. Could be a real star, or could be the next what’s her name? Did “212”…ah…oh well, that’s showbiz. Check out ‘Real Ting, a banger from her mixtape that’s out next month.


There’s a part of me that wants this 20 year from Norwich to be rubbish, so i can say he has Norfolknchance of making it. HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s a really funny British joke that i’m sure many global readers will struggle to understand, but trust me…it’s hilarious. There’s some big pop potential here. And I think this is ‘WONDERFUL’:

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

I’m really happy to admit, that sometimes, I miss really great stuff. The world is full of music now, you can’t be across it all. It’s impossible. So to find this band about 2 years after they started getting active, really goes to show how musically saturated the world is these days. These boys from North Carolina, have got some TUNES. Check out ‘Devil Like Me’, or go to their youtube page for more RKS goodness.