Blog 46 – New Music: The Best of 2017…So Far
July 3rd, 2017


This young lady from Brixton was on the BBC Sound Poll a few years ago. So technically not new music to the semantic online nerds. However, it’s becoming increasingly common for tracks that are two, or even three years old, to break into the mainstream as “new music”. This big, powerful soulful voice, has so much more to give!


YES! I screamed. Finally, something…well…a bit different. This US/UK collective already caused a big stir in the music industry at the start of the year when they posted ‘Something For Your Mind’. Dollar signs flashed before the eyes of the biz, as the hungry wolves salivated at the money to be made from advertising and brand deals alone, from what is, a very catchy tune. Early days, but easily one of my favourite’s of 2017.

Stereo Honey

The first time I heard this back at the start of 2017, I wondered if this was Dougie from The Temper Trap starting a new project. The voice and melodies are a perfect match. Their festival bookings are off to a strong start, and they support the Naked and Famous later this year. Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

The Howl and The Hum

Band names. No rules on how you choose. This lot have been inspired by an Allen Ginsberg poem. Obvs. Why the hell not? They’re from York. Shambles? No they sound bloody great. (This is a really good York based joke) If you don’t get it, then visit York. Or google it. DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU? Couple of gems from them this year. Start with this:

Dermot Kennedy

Here’s a 25 year old Dubliner with bags of potential. He’s just released his debut EP this year.
And he’s quickly building up a solid fanbase around the world. There are moments when his voice reminds me of Paolo Nutini. And that big voice meets some huge pop production on this tune. Check out ‘Glory’, or just head straight for the ‘Doves & Ravens’ EP.

Mondo Cozmo

Josh Ostrander has been around for a long time, making music and feeling like he “wasn’t making it.” Although his name rebrand has left him sounding like a holiday cocktail, his music has now found itself a massive global audience. He’s playing Reading & Leeds in August, and he’s just finished touring with Bastille. And I love him even more for not quitting when it was shit and nothing was happening. A life lesson for us all!