Blog 9 – Horses For Courses

I haven’t written for a few months but I’ve been busy…

I’m just about to finish collage. I did a 3 month introduction to music production course over at Point Blank studios near Old Street. I’d been saying I wanted to do it for almost 5 years.  But it’s also something I would have loved to have done at any point in the last 15 years.  10 years of wanting it and 5 years of saying I’ll do it. And all it took to get started was a 30 second phone call! The course was good for anybody else thinking about taking something similar. Financially, educationally, socially; it can be scary. But god it feels good to have done it.

Fancy learning more about digital photography? I did a weekend introduction course at London School of Photography in July. I had a basic understanding of my camera, but I wanted to create better pictures and find out if aperture was actually a thing. It was. They do loads of courses there from introductions to a Photoshop masterclass. They’re are all pretty good value for money.

I’m already thinking about what’s next. And Citylit might be it. From creative writing, to comedy and jewellery making; they seem to do it all. Class sizes are bigger which means there’ll be less equipment for everybody. But they’re relatively cheap and always get good reviews.