Blog 24 – New Music: October 2015


I don’t alway get to see the bands i’m writing about before I write about them…yet here I can contextualise Formation after watching them play a sweaty little show in London. There were moments of early Kasabian in their live setting and this track is by far their biggest tune in box. Bonafide banger. It comes out next month.

Leif Erikson

It’s not everyday you get a history lesson whilst listening to new music, but this band from London are named after an Icelandic explorer, considered by some, to be the first person to land in the Americas. Even before Columbus. Controversial. This is such a sunshine track. It’s California. It’s the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac dipped in 2015. Beautiful.

Coast Modern

This band are from LA. Their is so much going on with this tune. It’s really hard to know where it lies. But that makes me like it even more. Catchy hook, glassy synths, trap snares, 4 counts, dreamy/woozy vocals – I could go on. Just give ‘Hollow Life’ a listen. Big song.

Brit Awards Academy 2016

For the 4th year in a row, Dan has been invited to join the voting academy at the world famous Brit Awards. As a member, he’ll be playing a special role in the biggest music awards show in the UK. Members of the academy are responsible for choosing which bands, artists or groups are the most deserving of the highest accolade in British music…a Brit Award! The event takes place on Wednesday 24th February 2016, at the 02 arena in London.

HMV Christmas Campaign 2015

Once again, Dan has been chosen as the voice of the HMV TV advertising campaign for Christmas 2015. After last year’s succesful run of over 30 ads, on TV and in cinemas across the UK, Bolder and HMV have commissioned Dan’s natural, friendly style for this year’s festive campaign. To find out why they’ve gone with Dan again, check out his voice reel: