Blog 26 – New Music: December 2015

The Strumbellas

This lot are from Toronto, Canada. A 6 piece, who’ve been playing together since 2008. This track feels like a massive hit to me. I smell it. Their 3rd album ‘Hope’ is due for release in the spring. No live dates planned in the UK. Yet. I say yet, because when this becomes one of the biggest songs of 2016…they’ll be all over the UK. Twice. I’ve updated this with the official video.

Jaryd James

JJ’s from Brisbane, Australia. Flume and Chet Faker have opened the door for the Aussies who are making these wicked electronic tracks. Jaryd has also worked with Julia Stone on some bits and bobs which is a marriage made in musical heaven IMO. Check this out. Already a hit in ‘Stralia this year.


I’ve haven’t played anything on the radio from South Africa since we started the new show. Changing that with this band. Beatenberg are a trio from Cape Town. This is like Paul Simon meets Vampire Weekend. Now if that won’t make you check it out…I don’t know what will.

The Global Academy

The Global Academy opens in September 2016. It’s a state school for students who want to study a mainstream curriculum, so GCSEs and A–Levels in the core subjects, maths, english etc, alongside getting the skills to work in the broadcast and digital media industry in the form of a special course of modules and qualifications we have designed with the University of the Arts, London.

As an employee of Global radio and a supporter of broadening education, Dan has been asked to be an advocate of the Global Academy. Lending his support and skills to the project over the coming years.

For more info, follow us on twitter @thegacademy