Blog 10 – Ones to Watch in 2014

Saint Raymond

This is 18 year old Callum Burrows. From Nottingham, he’s the most likely to make an impact, out of all the East Midlands gang, currently exciting the music industry big dogs. All round nice dude. I interviewed him recently and he was very humble about all the hype.


Song to check out: “Young Blood”


Catfish & The Bottlemen

“To Llandudno!” Would be an unlikely statement from my lips. But it’s something I would say if this band were playing in their hometown. I went to see them play their first London show and they were rock stars in the making. Lead singer Van has the potential to be a stand out front man. They make big sounding indie rock and roll. Debut album is due Summer 2014.


Song to check out: “Homesick”



When a friend played me “The Heat”, I REALLY hoped this wasn’t going to be another band who make a few tracks and then disappear. And hope no more. They signed to XL, and have a debut album due for release in May/June 2014. From West London, they’re an act straddling the traditional boys in a band thing with an awesome electronic set up. Add to that some elements of funk and that makes it one of the most interesting new bands around for me.


Song to check out: “Busy Earnin’”




A band who moved from Wales and set up in a dodgy flat above a pub in North London. I like the story already, but what makes it even better is they’ve made some heavy sounding songs, that still have the popular potential. Lead singer Jack, is bonkers.  That’s not always a pre requisite for creative stardom. I have, in my experience, found the old saying “You don’t have to be mad to work around here…but it helps…” usually applies to some of the best songwriters and musicians.


Song to check out: “Alcohol Kiss”


Charlotte OC


Her Colour My Heart EP was one of my favourites of 2013. Originally from Blackburn, Charlotte is about to sign her major label deal over in the States. 2014 will see her record her debut album and also play her first festivals including Field Day in London. There’s also some interesting remixes with the EP. Check out Yarin Lindor or Field Marshall’s versions of the tracks from the EP.


Song to check out: Cut The Rope